Children in Year 5 and 6 were invited to apply to take part in a scheme run by PC Perrins, from Devon and Cornwall Police.  The Mini Police programme is part of the National Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) and helps young people to have a voice in deciding on how to address community issues and through social action, work together on either long-term problem solving or through community action and cohesion. The main aim is to work with local Neighbourhood Policing Teams to reinforce the engagement process locally, which in turn builds trust, confidence with the Police Service, and also reinforces education for British Values.

Pupils at St Mary’s decided to improve the local park, for the benefit of those who used it.  The children had noticed excessive rubbish and quite a lot of graffiti in the area.  Working with PC Perrins, pupils created their own posters to remind people about how to take care of the park and also took part in litter collecting activities.  All of those who took part were presented with certificates and had the chance to see a riot van close up.