Quality Lead Mark

St Mary’s Catholic Primary has been awarded the Achievement for All Quality Lead Mark.  The aim of the charity, Achievement for All, is to accelerate academic progress to close the gap for all ages and stages, regardless of their background, challenge or need.

Following the successful completion of the Quality Mark, the school has now been awarded  ‘Quality Lead’ status. This was a recognition of our collaboration with other schools and the leadership opportunities that have been developed within the school for staff and pupils. Please take a look at the video above, which outlines how pupils have developed their leadership at St Mary’s and the ways in which the school has supported their wellbeing through the Achievement for All programme.

Listed below are some comments, made by our assessor, as part of the accreditation feedback:

‘The school is a hive of activity, and one that the whole school community clearly takes pride in.  The caring ethos which abounds provides that safe and secure environment in which children are able to learn, be challenged and are encouraged to shine.’

‘The drive to create independent learners who take responsibility for their own learning, from Reception class all the way through to Year 6, will, I am sure, equip them for the rest of their learning journey, both at St Mary’s and further afield.’

‘I felt the exciting vibe of a school which strives to allow some important, considered and individual differences in provision, to determine and influence many wonderful opportunities for children to take on new challenges, in a safe secure environment. An example is your Outdoor Learning Programme across the school, whose key principles of environmental awareness, creativity, wild skills, advocacy, wider community, nature knowledge, reflection and spirituality and curriculum enhancement (including the alpacas!) provide children with the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally and physically.’