Fernworthy Class have been learning all about the Romans and Celts. This is part of a report about Boudicca’s Battle, which was written by Madeleine:

‘The beautiful Boudicca was defeated by us, the Romans, as we moved forward, raging forwards as the Celts ran away in fear for their lives on the battlefield. The Romans crushed the Celts in battle, blood spurting everywhere like an explosion. As the Celts moved forward they got crushed to pieces as the Roman formation was too much for them, so they ran like a wild herd of sheep. One the Romans that survived the battle said, ‘Although Boudicca’s Iceni had many more people, they didn’t have a formation like us. We used the ‘wedge formation’ during the battle and by using this tactic we crushed the Celts!’ The Romans were overjoyed to have won the battle and all their practising of formations and armour paid off, or maybe the Celts just weren’t organised enough on the day.’

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