Venford class visited the Plymouth Marine Aquarium recently. All of the pupils wrote a report about their visit. This is Abi’s recount, which was published in our school newspaper:

We went by bus to Plymouth Aquarium, because our topic this term is ‘Under and Over the Waves.’ First we put our bags down and had a quick snack. Next we went to the rockpools and saw some shark eggs and some lobsters. We also saw some sharks – I was really excited when they swam above me! I also loved seeing the turtles swimming around their tank. Afterwards we had lunch. Then we saw the octopus and found out that their belly is in the middle of their brain and that they have three hearts. Later on we had one last look around before getting back on the bus to go back to school. It had been such a busy day that some people fell asleep, Finally we arrived back at school – we’d had a brilliant day out!

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