This year our School Councillors (or the ‘Eco Avengers’ as they have named themselves!) have been working on a project with Alex Mack from Devon’s ‘Resource Futures’. Their focus has been on recycling and taking care of the earth and its resources, which fits well with our focus on ‘Laudato Si’.  ‘Laudato Si’ is the letter Pope Francis wrote to everyone, asking them to take care of our common home, the earth.

The ‘Eco Avengers’ began their project by carrying out a recycling audit across the whole school.  They have led assemblies to provide updates on the project.  Activities that the children have taken part in so far include: re-labelling recycling bins, recycling workshops, creating action rhymes and aposter campaigns to help reduce use of paper towels and an energy survey.  The committee also ran a poster competition across the school, to encourage people to switch off lights and save energy where possible.  The winning design was reproduced and positioned around the school.

To help support the project, the school has also taken part in the Great British Spring Clean, with our School Prefects pledging to collect 10 bags of rubbish that have blown onto the school field and car park.  The school has also become a recycling collection centre for batteries.