Pupils from each class have participated in crib blessings this year.  Cribs in each of our parish churches included sheep and angels, which had been made by the children in school and Meldon Class took part in their own craft session, linked to the nativity story.

Pupils in Burrator Class also wrote their own prayers for the service, some of which are listed below:

Help us to be like Mary who was kind and willing to do what God wanted of her. Help us to be like Joseph who was hard working and brave.  We pray for those who live through difficult times during Advent. Help me to share the love of that first Christmas. Amen

God, like you did with John the Baptist, clear a path in my heart and give me courage to confess my sins and move to a new life. Help me to forgive the sins of others and make up for mine.  We pray for those who need help to prepare this Christmas. Help me to prepare for the coming of your Son, Jesus.  Amen

Father, you sent us Jesus so we will send you love. Mary trusted the angel so allow us to trust those around us. Forgive us for not always trusting.  Joseph helped Mary so allow us to help those around us. Forgive us for not always helping.  The donkey was strong and kind to Mary so help us to be strong and kind for others. Forgive us for not always being strong and kind.  If we are to be like Mary, Joseph and the donkey, allow us to forgive and send you love.  Amen

Dear Father, help me to clear the path for Jesus’ coming glory. Help me to take care of this world and treat others kindly. Father, direct me to the right path and help me to remember the amazing things that first Christmas day. Help me to rejoice Jesus’ birthday and give thanks for a new life, new opportunities and new blessings.  Amen

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